How to Restart Windows 10 with Keyboard [10 Amazing ways]

In this post we will show you how to restart Windows 10 with keyboard very quickly and easily.

What is the best way to reboot Windows 10 Do you realize that restarting the Windows operating system is possible in a variety of options.

In a complicated manner, Microsoft is trying to create a system that simplifies the lives of users, as well as solving the existing issues.

This is why the way to restart is present everywhere, beginning from the installation of your system, through the locks, keys until you enter to the Windows window.

The majority of restarts occur after the installation of software is completed The goal is to allow the program to function just as it is supposed to after the system loads all the installed files.

As of now, a lot of Windows software require restarting in order to run properly.

Furthermore there are certain Windows users may also prefer to restart their computer when their PC is experiencing slowness or is lagging when using certain programs.

While this may be effective, it is not as it’s possible by a different method, which is forcing the software to stop via the Task Manager.

Whatever the reason, the user will restart on any Windows computer. Below I will list a few ways to start Windows quicker than it did previously.

Without further delay this review ….

10 Best Methods on How to Restart Windows 10 with Keyboard

Here are the most effective ways to start Windows 10 with keyboard quickly and easily. Let’s look at each one individually…

1. Through the Start Menu.

The most common way to get this performed is by using in the menu called Start. You will use this method frequently whenever you want to reboot your laptop or computer.

Simply click on in the Start Menu or press the Windows key, then click the Power button, and then select restart.

2. Through WinX Menu (Win + X)

The second way is through Win + X Menu, which is there when you click the Start Menu button.

The procedure is simple, It is as simple as right-clicking the Start Menu or utilize to use the Keyboard Shortcut (Win + X). After that, select Shut Down or Sign Out and Restart.

This way is seldom used and only a handful of users would like to click in the Start Menu and restart.

Actually, a part of WinX is utilized to choose functions that are believed to be useful to carry out productive tasks.

3. With the shortcut Alt + F4.

You can then make use of the keyboard combination or the shortcut ALT + F4. If you press the combination, and you will see an option to shut off the Windows window.

It is possible to use the drop-down to view restart options for your computer.

Select Restart and then click OK to confirm.

4. With this shortcut, CTRL + Alt + Del.

There’s another method you can test, and that is using CTRL + ALT + DEL shortcut.

Simply press the button, and then the Power on will be displayed in the lower-left corner. Then, you will be able to restart.

5. Through Lock Screen.

If the screen is in the locked or locked state, that can be locked automatically and accidentally locked or simply activated, it will have an option to press the Power button, which will allow for sleep or restart and shut down.

Like previously there are options on the right side of the screen after which you can select Restart.

6. By Using Command Prompt.

With Command Prompt or CMD, you can also reboot. This is generally performed by those who prefer to type commands with CMD or similar programming languages that may require CMD to execute.

The procedure is simple to use, simply open CMD by using the Start Menu Then type shutdown/r and hit Enter that will then restart the computer.

7. Through PowerShell.

Alongside Command Prompt, you can also execute it using PowerShell. Some information: PowerShell is similar to CMD however, the news from Microsoft itself states that PowerShell is far superior to CMD specifically for programmers. It will provide more effective if you need to run specific commands that are not available through CMD. Command Prompt.

To restart the computer, PowerShell which is similar to CMD you are able to type the command shutdown/r to restart your computer. Are you interested? Try it today…

8. Through Windows Run Application.

It’s not just via CMD or PowerShell however, there is the option of restarting Windows directly from the Run window by using the same command. For example, shutdown/r.

To gain access to Windows Run faster, Windows Run, use the Windows + R key combination.

Test it out now and check the outcomes…

9. With the help of Windows Cortana.

Are you aware of the meaning of Cortana is? This AI developed by Microsoft could also be the mainstay for rebooting your computer.

Simply by giving a voice instruction such as Voice Command by saying “restart PC” Cortana will immediately perform the command.

Of course, it will reboot.

Not just Windows not only, but Android also comes with Google Assistant, while Apple also includes Siri and Amazon is home to Alexa.

The dawn of Artificial Intelligence has indeed changed everything, particularly for our daily requirements.

10. Through the Physical (Power) Button.

Then, for the final option which could be a possibility that is directly on the power button by pressing it hard to hold it for a short time.

This is not a good idea, but it can be a viable alternative when your PC is either in a slow position and crashes or freezes.

Start Windows 10 Without Rebooting

A bit more additional Windows, which is the norm, is the case, the computer will restart.

Here I will provide additional ways for restarting Windows without rebooting or within Windows Explorer and software for rebooting.

The advantages are the benefits of using The benefits of Task Manager feature which will eventually be activated to reboot Windows Explorer, and everything remains at illumination, you just have to wait an amount of time.

Are you interested in knowing how to accomplish this Follow these actions:

The first step is to right-click in the Start Menu and select Task Manager , or enter the Start Manu Task Manager, then enter. If you’d prefer to make use of a keyboard shortcut, you can combine CTRL + SHIFT and ESC.

Choose Windows Explorer, then click Restart in the lower-right corner.

You can also select the right-click option on Windows Explorer you decide, then click Restart.

It’s basically the same thing, but in a different manner.

Once the restart process has been completed, then you can resume the activities you are currently engaged in. Shut down windows and restart it again.

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Through these ways and different modes, you can solve this problem very easily. On Google, you will find different ways to do this, but I have summarized each and everything in a single blog post. i will keep you updated if I found any more different ways. You can contact me at