4 Effective Method on How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently.

Lets learn on How to delete telegram account account:- In this blog, you will learn to delete your telegram account. Nowadays, every chatting application has some security features inbuilt in its application, in which one of the features is to delete your messaging app account.

One of the famous chat applications is the telegram app. Telegram is also having deactivation page features. There are basically two methods through which you can delete your account. One is automatic and the second is manual.

So below we are going to explain to you both the features.

How to Delete Telegram Account Automatically

Deleting your telegram account can be done effortlessly just go to your privacy settings and from there you can easily delete your telegram account.

1. Click on the Settings.

The very first thing that you have to do is open the telegram application on the phone in which you are usually using. Just tap on the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, then you have to open the privacy settings and just move into the telegram settings page.

2. Security and Privacy settings.

After you have entered into the setting section of the application, just move on and try to find the privacy and settings menu that will be present on that screen only.

3. Delete my account Menu.

In this option, you will find several menus where you can select different options. As we want to delete our account, we have to look for to delete my account section in your android telegram application.

4. Delete Telegram account time.

At last, you have to set the self-destruction notification. You have to set the amount, thereafter,, your telegram account will be deleted automatically.

In this way, you can delete your telegram account permanently. During the process, don’t try to open the application. If you open the application, the deleting process will automatically get canceled.


How to Delete Telegram Account step by step manually.

The account will get deleted in the prescribed time, but if you are planning to use the manual method, then you can definitely use this method as well.

The method is we are just sending a delete request to telegram, and they will follow the steps to remove our account, we just have to wait and check from our home on the app if we don’t want to wait.

The process is mentioned below, just go through it. Open the telegram app on the web browser or on your cell phone.

  • just go to the telegram account, delete the section.
  • Just put in your phone number that is registered with your account and proceed further.
  • You will receive one confirmation code from the telegram, copy that code, enter that into the telegram confirmation section and click sign in.
  • Once you pass this step, you will find several options. From that, just click on the delete account section.
  • Enter the reason you want to remove your account, after that just click on the delete my account section. Once done you will get one notification confirming that your account will be deleted, you have to confirm the request and your account will be deleted.

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Wrapping up.

There are some important factors that we should keep a note of before deleting your telegram account.

  • You can no longer access your username and your account further in the future.
  • Once your account is deleted, you can no longer regain it back in the future.
  • All the data your account is having will get lost.
  • All the contacts and chats will get deleted.
  • You will no longer be the owner of a group or channel. Another user will get the ownership rights, and you will exit that account.

You can select which way you actually wanted to delete the account, whether the automatic way or manual way it’s up to you.