Grab Free Spotify Premium Account [2021]

As everybody knows, Spotify is the top application when it comes to streaming music. And everybody is looking to get a free premium Spotify account. But it is a tedious task to find an account like this. So we are going to list down some accounts that are free and premium.

Nowadays, everybody tries to find these types of accounts so that they can enjoy music on the go. But Spotify ads are so annoying that eventually, we start searching for a premium account on the internet. There are various different streaming platforms present in the market, but Spotify is the best streaming platform present till now.

To start further, let’s know some more about Spotify. Spotify is a Sweden-based entertainment company founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in 2008. Spotify includes podcasts and music. And if you’re looking for a free premium account, we are going to provide you with one. Spotify is present in all the major countries of the world. People listen to their favorite songs and then download the songs so that they can listen to them in offline mode. But all the features are present if you have a premium subscription. Spotify app offers two plans, one is an individual plan and the second is a family plan in which 5 people can listen to the music from one Spotify premium account. Spotify comes in two formats, basically one is for the app and the second one is the web player which is used on the computer browser.

Spotify premium accounts for free [2021]

Spotify is one of the best free music streaming platforms. If you are a free user, you can still listen to the music you like, but you cannot download the music. So for this reason, having a premium account is a bonus.

Spotify is having all kinds of genres of music from ambient to EDM. You can make your own personalized playlist and can add an unlimited song of your like, you can even share your playlist with your friends and with family members. And if your playlist becomes famous, it can come on top in the search query.

With these premium accounts, you can listen to unlimited songs and can share them with other users as well.

Spotify Premium for Free.

To create an account on Spotify, you need an email address and your contact number. Once you have signed up, you can listen to the song of your liking. Spotify free is free for everyone.

To get one premium account, you have to pay some amount of fees. Free are providing you free accounts, so use these accounts and enjoy.

On the free account, the audio quality is not so good as compared to the premium account. The audio quality supported in Spotify is in Ogg Vorbis format which is ranging from 96-160 KBS is for a free account and 320kbps is for premium accounts.

Spotify has a custom playlist which is termed an editorial playlist. In which all the top songs are added. Spotify’s premium feature is priced at $10 dollar per month. The family plan monthly subscription is $14.99 per month. There is one plan for students as well, which is $4.99 per month. Just you need to prove that you are a student with your proof of identification.

Features of Spotify Premium.

Spotify premium has amazing features, the first is it’s ad-free. It allows audio as well as video streaming as well. The most amazing feature is you can download the songs and can listen to them offline. The song quality is also very high quality. Just login into your account with the help of an email ID or password and listen to unlimited songs and enjoy the premium service.

Ways to get a free Spotify premium account.

As you all know, you will get one month trial when we sign up for the premium account. Now, just go through these steps that you have to follow to get access to a free Spotify account.

Please go through these premium accounts.

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As you have read the whole blog, you are aware of everything on how to get this Spotify premium account. These accounts are very limited in number, so hurry up and enjoy these premium Spotify accounts. Share this article with other members who wants this free Spotify premium account

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