Free Hulu Account 2021- Grab The Offer.

Free Hulu Account:- In today’s arena, are you still paying for cable and satellite connections with the other bills? Then don’t worry, now is a good time to change your habit and say goodbye to all of them. Ignore all these things and start seeking other streaming options.

Hulu is one of the other competitors of Netflix and one of the best substitutes for Netflix. And if you are looking to use live-streaming, then you are at the right place.

Hulu premium account benefit is you can watch live television shows, series, and movies from across the globe. Hulu has also partnered with various top agencies and studios to provide subscribers with access to various TV shows, movies, and series from all over the globe. So for the users looking for a free Hulu account, we are providing some free Hulu accounts for free, so you can use them for free.


What are Hulu and Hulu Accounts?

Hulu is one of the best American streaming websites where you can stream various TV shows and movies both old and new from all over the world. It is similar to Netflix.

Hulu was created in March 2007 by Jason Kilar, Mike Lang, Beth Comstock, and Jean-Briac Perrette. The headquarters is located in Santa Monica, California, US. Hulu and Netflix are considered the best streaming service platform in the United States. Hulu plus gives a free trial for the new users but that too for only for one month. After that, you have to avail the subscription.

What is Free Hulu Premium Account?

Hulu premium account is a paid service that provides you access to all the streaming content that is present in the market, i.e. around the globe. You can watch unlimited movies and series.

Important Points of Free Hulu Premium Account:

Hulu premium account has some amazing features and some are its ability to pause, resume, and fast-forward any online content which you are streaming online, recording option is also available i.e. you can record any TV shows, and you can watch it later in your free time. Thirdly, you can access the same account with two different devices at the same time. It allows a customizable option through which you can create 6 different profiles for the same account so that every family member has a different profile.

How To Grab This Offer For Free?

So for the audience who all are looking to create a new account and don’t want to pay for these services. You can go through the information below that we have provided, through which you can get access to these free accounts.

Get a 30 Days Trial Hulu Account Without the need for Of Credit Card.

If you want to get 30 days free trial of a Hulu account, it is very easy to get this and there will be no need for any credit card. Just follow the simple steps given below.

  • Visit the official HULU website.
  • Just click on the free trial, which is located in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select the plan of your desire on the next screen.
  • Complete all the necessary details that you have to fill. Hulu provides login through Facebook, or you can log in using your email and password of your choice.
  • On the next screen, provide all the credit card details and submit the information.

After the submission, you are free to enjoy the premium account for 30 days. But don’t forget to cancel your subscription before the end of your subscription, other wide the amount will be deducted from your credit card.

Hulu Free Premium Account Without a Credit Card:

Those people who are not having a credit card or any PayPal account can use a virtual credit card to get these premium accounts. There are hundreds of applications present on the play store which provides you with free virtual credit card. And so with the help of these credit cards, you can avail yourself of this 30 days trial of Hulu premium.

How to get a premium account using Chrome extension.

One more alternative way is present to get your free account.

The details are mentioned below:-

  • Open your Google Chrome browser, then open your Chrome extension page and click on the “add to chrome” option.
  • Then move to your Hulu account and then click on the “edit cookie” option. Copy and paste this code in the extension and then click on verify option. Then on Hulu, click on the cookie option and then import. Paste this code link and then click on verify button.
  • Once you refresh the page you can use your Hulu plus account for free, and you are free to enjoy live TV channels, movies, and series for free.

Free Hulu Accounts and Passwords [Premium accounts]

Here we are providing you some premium account email and passwords through which you can enjoy a free Hulu plus account for free. Just enter your username and password, and you are set to go. Your email address will be your username.


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Ways to get Virtual Credit Card.

For the people who don’t know how to get a virtual credit card. We are explaining one method, please go through it, and you can easily get your virtual credit card.

The very first step is to search for various virtual credit card providers on the Google Play Store, you will get one over there. Download and install the app, and you can use it to generate virtual credit cards

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Hulu is one of the best TV streaming platforms present in the market. And so through this premium account, you can watch various television shows without spending any amount. So grab this offer and use these credentials and get access to this free Hulu account that we have provided to the people. The credentials are very limited, so get your free Hulu account now.


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