How to check the temperature of your laptop in Windows [2022]

How to check the temperature of your laptop in Windows [2022]

We will show you how to check the temperature of your laptop on Windows.

Many people lose track of the time when working on laptops or playing video games. He was shocked to discover that his laptop’s temperature was rising and getting hotter.

The temperature of the laptop must be monitored and checked regularly, even though it is not mandatory. To ensure that the components of the laptop do not become damaged too quickly.


You can prevent overheating by checking the temperature regularly.


It would be helpful to know what causes overheating before you can check the temperature of your laptop.


1. Overclocking

Are you concerned about the GPU or CPU performance? Some people overclock to increase the component frequency.

Overclocking can cause components to work harder than necessary, which can lead to temperature rises that are higher than necessary.

You might be able to replace the CPU with one that is more powerful, rather than having to overclock.


2. Work in Dusty and Hot Places

Your PC’s location will also affect how fast it heats up. It is best to place the computer in an air-conditioned area.

The PC will be more hot if it’s in a hot area, especially if it’s exposed to direct sunlight.

Check the air vents in the room. Make sure that there is adequate air circulation so that the computer does not heat up too quickly.

It is easy to determine if a space is suitable for work by simply looking at it yourself. Are you feeling hot or stifling in a room?

If this is the case, you can move to a cooler area, open the windows to let in the wind, and then turn on the AC or exhaust fan.

You should also ensure that you do not work in dusty rooms. Dust can build up and block the fan’s ability to work.

It is important to check your laptop regularly for dust and dirt. It can be taken to a service center, or you can read the instructions manual for each model to learn how to maintain it properly.

3. Cooling system inadequate

Laptops and PCs need good cooling systems, just like mobile phones.

This cooling system is used to fan heat-generating components. If it fails, the computer will get hot quickly.

What’s the solution? The solution?

When playing heavy games on a laptop, you should use a cooling pad.

How to check the temperature of your laptop in Windows

Additional applications can be used to determine the temperature of your laptop. There is no need to get lost.

Here’s how:

#1. Core Temp.

Core Temp can monitor your laptop’s temperature, particularly in the processor section.

It can be run in the background and it is lightweight.

Here are some tips to determine the temperature of your laptop using Core Temp

First, download the Core Temp app.

If you have the application, open it.

The Core Temp window will then appear.

There you can see the temperature on the laptop



You can also choose the CPU Core that you wish to test for temperature. Simply click on the Options column in Select CPU.

Real Temp is the next application. Real Temp is the next application. It has a smaller size than before.

This application works with all Intel processors, including i3, i5, and i7. This application is compatible with all Intel processors, except for the Intel Pentium yes.

You can then download the application to learn how it works. Once it is installed, open the application.

The Temperature column will then

#2. Real Temp.

 display the processor temperature.

#3. Via BIOS.

You can check the BIOS to find out the temperature of your laptop without using an app.

The BIOS allows you to set the configuration of your laptop and also lets you see the temperature of your CPU.

Here’s how:

First, please turn off your computer .

After that, restart your laptop.

You can press the F2 key when the state is not in Windows but is starting to boot.


Note : The F2 key can be used to enter the BIOS on Asus laptops. Other laptop brands may use the F1, F8, F10 or F11 keys, but not the Del keys.

4. If you are successful, you will be redirected back to the BIOS menu.

5. The Information column displays the temperature of the laptop.

6. Finished.

If you know the password, click the Exit button to restart your computer.

#4. MSI Afterburner.

MSI Afterburner can be used to monitor your laptop’s temperature while you play games.

These steps will help you use it:

First, download the MSI Beforeburner app.

If yes, please complete the application.

The laptop temperature information will then appear.


Additionally, this application only requires that the temperature displayed be from VGA

#5. HWMonitor

HWMonitor, an easy-to use application that can be downloaded for free, is very simple. This application can be used to determine the temperatures of the GPU and CPU.

How to wear it

Install the HWMonitor first.

Start the app.

The temperature of your laptop in windows will be displayed after that.


Software temperature gauge This laptop is highly recommended for anyone who wants to have detailed temperature information.

#6. AMD Ryzen Master

If you’re an AMD laptop user. To find out the temperature on your laptop in windows, you can use the AMD Ryzen Master app.

To perform the procedure, download the application and then open it. After that, you should pay attention to temperature information in the column.

#7. CPU Thermometer

This application looks almost identical to HWMonitor. However, the CPU Thermometer’s size is smaller.

How to wear it

First, install the application.

Continue to open.

The CPU Thermometer window should then appear.

You can then monitor the CPU temperature by going to the Temperatures section.


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Normal Laptop Temperature

For better performance, the processor should maintain a constant CPU temperature.

It is vital to know the temperature of your laptop in order to prevent it from overheating.

Did you know there are different levels of normal temperature usage?

Temperature Level Information Normal Temperature
Idle Temperature A laptop that won’t allow you to open any programs 35degC – 65degC
Use Temperature Laptops that can open programs such as browsing, editing, playing video games, and so on. 65degC – 90degC


Here’s how to determine the temperature of a laptop. It is also possible to determine the temperature of your laptop’s normal operating temperature.

Keep your laptop at a comfortable temperature. This will prevent it from heating up.

Overheating can cause damage to the components of the laptop.