Best Freelancing sites For Beginners and Experts.

As there are so many freelancing sites present in the market, it is seriously difficult to choose the right one. Freelancing sites can be a helpful tool to show your expertise and eventually grow your career. And if you are still confused about which freelancing website is right for you, through this blog you can know which website suits you the best.

How these platforms help an individual, well these freelancing sites provide a smooth and straightforward process to connect you and provide valuable opportunities that are present online.

So we have handpicked some best freelancing sites and mentioned the pros and cons of each of the websites so that you can get a better picture of each and every platform.

So, are you ready to know the details? Let’s proceed.


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that helps various businesses to connect directly to various freelancers present in the market. Freelancers are present in a range of various fields like marketing, design, SEO analysts, and many more.

There are 3.47 million active clients present on the website in 2021 which is making it easy for freelancers new and experts to find different jobs. One of the most important points to keep in mind is that Fiver’s service fees are very high as compared to others and there is a reason for that and the reason is the website consist of more job opportunities as compared to others, and it is very easy to use. Depending on your performance and your level on the website as a freelancer decides how much time your payouts will take.

Due to their popularity and that too for a good reason they are one of the most competitive marketplaces and with more competition comes more pressure to lower the prices which can make it challenging to charge the rates you actually want from your clients. But once you earn a better reputation in the market you can get more projects to work with as the platform will boost up your profile.

The pros of the website are it is very user-friendly especially for beginners, secondly, there are various certified courses through which you can enhance your skills and can open the door to get more freelance jobs.

Cons is you have to wait a lot to get your payments cleared. Second is it has very high fees.


Upwork is one of the largest freelancing platforms which has three million job posts yearly. So it is one of the best freelance websites where you can find various clients and projects. So if you are a beginner then this platform can provide you with great opportunities. You can do various different types of freelance work on Upwork. You have the flexibility to choose between long and short-term projects and can charge on an hourly basis as well.

When you create a profile, the website provides you 80 free connections. After that, they will charge you $.15 dollar for each connection you make on their website.

Pros:- You have better payment protection secondly it prevents clients from asking freelancers to do free work from them and the last is there is an enormous amount of work opportunities present.

Cons:- It has high service fees secondly you need to connect to send proposals and the last is it takes a long time to build a solid reputation.


Like any other freelance platform, it connects various businesses to freelancers around the world. Thumbstack main focus is on local communities and small businesses whether you are a freelance writer or a graphic design person, this platform is set to provide work to any working freelancer.

The platform is completely free and provides refunds if you didn’t find the right job for you. One of the most important features of Thumbstack is its custom pipeline. You can filter out the job you want and clients will contact you based on skills. The only con of this website is you have to pay $1.5 for every lead, and it can increase depending on the competition.

Pros:- This freelance website is easy to use secondly it provides insights to help you understand your competition and your performance and at last it helps you find the right client through targeting preferences.

Cons:- You have to pay for the leads, even if they don’t hire you. Secondly, there is very high competition on this website


Freelancer is also one of the famous freelance websites present in the marketplace. The platform will provide you wide range of work. Freelancers can go through their job board and can start bidding for that specific freelance job. And once you sign a project, you can start your web conversation with your clients and can track your performance and progress.

One benefit of this freelance website is the opportunity to participate in different contests where you can earn extra money and reviews, which eventually can help to increase your profile reputation.

Pros One of the best positive things about this website is there are several teams of advisors, and they will help you to get hired. Secondly, there are contests for increased earnings.

Cons There are various fake clients present on the website.


Guru is also one of the famous freelancing marketplaces that have 800K, clients worldwide. Different types of freelancers are present on this website. Freelance writers, programmers, designers can be easily found on this website. One most important benefits of Guru is the ability to collaborate and can add more members to your freelancing team, and you can track the progress of each and every individual.

Guru offers free membership and in that free membership, you are allowed to send ten bids per month with a 9% service fee taken from your payout. And for the paid membership starts to form $11.95 per month. Paid members will get more preference as compared to the free members.

Pros:- it has 24/7 support, has low fees, and it is very user-friendly.

Cons:- Premium members get more preference as compared to free members


Freelancing platforms are an awesome way to start your work from any place. Right now, freelance writing is one of the famous jobs on these freelance websites. People are hiring freelance content writers to write content for them. Some people are doing freelancing full-time because they can earn a good amount of money. And in the past few years writing jobs have increased a lot of various freelancers are doing content writing as their part-time job, and they are earning well.

So regardless of your experience, you have to market yourself and have to try to increase your skills to get more positive reviews, then only you will distinguish yourself from the competition. If you are new, have patience don’t panic, try to make good relationships, and improve your score.