Best 12-inch Subwoofer for Home Theater you should buy in 2022

Best 12-inch Subwoofer for Home Theater:- A 12-inch subwoofer is a very sought-after size due to the power needed to hit deep notes. The 12″ driver’s size (or in certain cases 13″) makes the overall dimensions in check, especially for sealed models. Naturally, people who want smaller bass can select 8-inch or 10-inch models, while bass enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with 15-inch models as well as larger but less common 18-inch and bigger. However, 12-inches is the “Goldilocks” dimension for many buyers, which is why there are plenty of alternatives.

Subwoofer Designs: Sealed, Dual-Opposed, Ported & Passive Radiator

Many kinds of subwoofers are available, the following models are the most popular for the consumer models. Each comes with its advantages and drawbacks; however, the most significant difference is between sealed subwoofers and those which use some type or tuning (port or passive radiator, or Horn-loaded) to boost their performance at the bottom of the curve for frequency. Definitely, there exist other subwoofers that are not included in the ones listed, however, the ones listed below are the types you will come across when looking for subwoofers for your home.


The simplest subwoofer design. It’s essentially a driver within a sealed box that has an amplifier. Modern sealed subwoofers utilize DSP programming to control the driver’s output and response and how it communicates with the amplifier to increase output and improve fidelity.

Sealed subwoofers are small and relatively affordable. However, models that are ported with similar prices although often larger tend to have greater bass output close to the frequency of tuning for the port.

Dual Opposed.

It is a type of woofer that has two drivers from the same manufacturer on opposite sides of the cabinet. This results in “force cancellation” which means that each driver’s motion cancels the other. This is why dual-opposed subwoofers are devoid of vibrations caused by drivers.

The dual-opposite design makes it possible for an extremely compact enclosure to have the largest driver area. It can produce more power than a single driver within the same size cabinet. A larger amp, as well as two drivers active, are needed to compensate for the pressure differential of a small enclosure. This is a unique design; however, it works well and is the best method to build small subwoofers with superior performance.


Sub enhances output near the tuning frequency using at least one of the tuned ports. This requires a larger cabinet to accommodate a driver of a certain size, the extra output can be considered worthy of the cost at the very least for installations with enough room.

Since ported subwoofers are the most common type, there are many varieties to choose from. The most crucial thing to know about corded subwoofers is the fact that they generally fall off abruptly at the frequency of tuning for the port, unlike sealed subwoofers that tend to roll off more slowly.

Passive Radiator

Passive radiators function similarly, but similar to tuned ports. The passive radiator functions as a driver housed within the cabinet of the active radiator but doesn’t have an internal motor structure. Instead, the diaphragm in this radiator has been adjusted to the size and weight relates to the primary driver.

The downside of passive radiators is that it’s more costly to build rather than a tuned port; however, the benefit is that it’s not subject to the sound of port distortion caused by ventilated cabinets.

The Subwoofer’s Frequency Response

While response specifications can be helpful in deciding on a subwoofer, be aware that this isn’t an apples-to apple comparison. Subwoofers are difficult to truly assess the response specifications as it’s not connected to levels of output. In most cases, it is the case that subwoofers begin to fail–running out of power or losing cone excursion, if it’s the lowest (deepest) bass notes. The idea is that you can utilize the specifications for response to compare bass extension between subs manufactured by the same manufacturer, however, comparing brands is difficult unless both offer more detailed and authentic specifications than what is typical.


Just go through the list of the Best 12-inch Subwoofer for Home Theater.


1. 13.5” of Pure SVS Sealed Subwoofer Power and the highest qualityPrice:- $1299

We’ll admit that the subwoofer is that is a little more than the 12″. SVS declares it to be a 13.5-inch. The reason we’re listing it is that the SB-4000 is sealed and has the same compactness that you would get from 12-inch class subs. It’s also an upper-end SVS product, its abilities in the realm of bass make it a worthy Editor’s Choice award.


2. The THX Certified Ultra for 100% Guaranteed Extreme Performance

Price:- $866.59

According to Monoprice the M-12V2 12″ portable Monolith subwoofer that is THX-certified is unparalleled for bass performance as well as low distortion and value. The Monolith subwoofer can produce cinema-quality volume while articulating and conveying the subtle nuances of music with a visceral bass sound that can play at a low frequency of around 20Hz.

For a more attractive appearance for a more appealing appearance, the Monolith subwoofer cabinets are updated with a cleaner appearance, rounded edges as well as an integrated subwoofer.


3. SVS PB-2000 Pro

Price:- $739

Incredible output with deep low-frequency expansion down as low as 16Hz. The features include a 525 W (1500+ peak) Sledge amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output, a 12-inch SVS driver, and an SVS subwoofer DSP smartphone application. It is built with dual-port technology for clear bass and the least distortion.

4. Focal Sub 1000F: Compact and Premium. Focal Sub-1000F, It is Compact and Premium

Price:- 1794.65

Big performance, small enclosure. It’s not difficult, however, to make it work requires a strong amplifier and motor, a sturdy enclosure, and proper tuning. If you have all the appropriate ingredients and the result is truly wonderful, it really sings. The closed Focal Sub 1000F comes with this.

Here’s a subwoofer with an emphasis on music. The frequency response is small regarding Home Theater. Between 24 Hz and 200 Hz, the 22 Hz frequency range has a -6dB cut-off. If you were selecting one solely on specifications, you may be tempted to pass it by. However, to achieve this would mean you ignore the essence that is the reason that this Focal subwoofer “focuses” on quality instead of quantity. And the majority of music does not require it to play any higher than it already does. Its 1000-watt BASH amplifier makes sure that a 12″ driver has the full 43 mm of excursion.

5. A Deep Bass, originating from a compact dual-opposed passive Radiator Sub

Price:- $1082.1

The Definitive Technology subwoofer smartly solves one of the biggest issues associated with using passive radiators by incorporating a dual force-canceling design. Since the passive radiators can be tuned by making them heavier, their motion can be transmitted into the cabinet. This is the situation with only one passive radiator. However, in the Definitive Technology Descend D12 12″ subwoofer, the passive radiators are situated on the opposite side of the cabinet. They block each other’s momentum.

The 56-bit DSP keeps everything in check and maximizes output. The subwoofer comes with three EQ options to match its location.

It’s a modern design with a contemporary minimalist look that is pleasant to the eye. It’s also got enough power to cover all the surface area of the cone, it’s fitted with the 500 W RMS amplifier that can reach 1500 W peak power. The frequency response is estimated between 25 and 150 Hz and -3 decibels.

6. This Klipsch looks as great as it sounds

Price:- $360.1

Klipsch made a splash by introducing the R-112SW. The front-slotted model features the distinctive Klipsch Cerametalic woofer. If you’re into Klipsch and leave the grills out, it will be a pleasant aesthetic fit. No matter what brand of speakers you have, this model has a frequency response of 24-125 Hz (no limit on the frequency) as well as an amp that has 300 W RMS and 600-watt maximum power.

If you’re complaining that the other subs on this list are more powerful generally, this Klipsch is one of the most affordable ones on the list.


7. Polk Audio HTS12 powered subwoofer

Price:- $464.07

Mark “movie the night” as a special occasion on your calendar. I’ve also been an avid Polk Audio home Theater fan for a long time, and have owned many different-sized Polk systems that I have loved. If I was planning to build an entirely new surround sound system now, I’d definitely look at an HTS 12 to get my vital bass output. The sub’s powerful bass can be able to fill large spaces with deep, resonant bass.

My guess? If you’re anything like me, you’re likely to enjoy watching films with your friends or family, simply for them to see how great the bass sound. It’s Polk Audio HTS 12 powered sub has a sleek round enclosure with an adjustable grille. The new design is sure to add visual appeal. This sleek sub has a trendy modern design, with rounded corners, as well as a slot on the bottom, which shows the down-firing port that is flared which is a slight deviation from the previous Polk enclosures.

Regarding aesthetics, this is my favorite Polk sub-design to present. However, it’s also a great-sounding sub. HTS 12 offers more than simply good design. It is with a 12″ front-firing driver with an amp of 200 watts to deliver powerful bass that comes from movies and music. It can be used as a component of a stereo system or as a part of the Polk Audio Signature home theater system. You can get the most value from your sub. The location you put the sub in your space makes a significant impact on the sound it produces. Learn our best practices regarding placement and set up in order for the highest sound quality from your system.

8. ELAC SUB3030 12″ 500 watts, ea subwoofer with Auto EQ

Price:- $809.98

The thunderous bass is customized to your space. There are no knobs, dials, or switches! The SUB3030 utilizes a free app that you can download to your phone for setting up controls, room calibration. ELAC has broken the mold of subwoofers by introducing their first range of Debut Series subwoofers. The Debut 2.0 SUB3030 offers even higher performance and more customization, allowing you to provide excellent bass in any room in your home.

This high-end, hard-hitting sub is a great compliment to the Debut 2.0 floor-standing and bookshelf speakers. You can use it with your home theater or stereo system with complete confidence. You can control everything with your smartphone. From the moment you open the box, you’ll be able to see that the SUB3030 isn’t equipped with the standard variety of switches, knobs, and adjustment options that are on the back of its panel. It’s because it uses the microphone of your smartphone together with the most sophisticated onboard software to give you the most precise bass that is possible.

Download your ELAC SubEQ app and let its powerful processing adjust the subwoofer’s parameters for your space wirelessly using Bluetooth. You’ll feel the visceral, earth-shaking bass from the sub’s 12-” subwoofer and 12-” passive radiator. Meanwhile, the super-charged 500-watt RMS amplifier delivers plenty of power for your movies and music. Easy calibration The secret of the SUB3030 is in the way you configure it and manage it. Everything is managed via the touchscreen on your device.

The SubEQ application uses Bluetooth Low Energy, a wireless connection between your device and the subwoofer, which requires no pairing or passcode. The calibration process starts with a near-field analysis of the bass output of the subwoofer. Simply place your phone or tablet within a foot of the subwoofer, then hit “Analyse.” The app then tracks the sound coming from the subwoofer, recording the sound before it’s impacted by the reflective surfaces of the room and other sound-muddying issues.

Thereafter, you’ll repeat the measurement from your preferred listening place. The app’s program compares the measurement you made earlier.

9. SVS PC 2000 Pro, Piano Gloss powered subwoofer, cylindrical style

Price:- $799

Bass that is big and takes up less floor space. The PC-2000 Pro powered subwoofer is a cylinder that delivers all the deep, strong bass that you can get from their ported-box model that is the PB-2000 Pro, however, in a smaller design. (The PB-2000 Pro cabinet is approximately two feet in depth, in contrast, the PC-2000 Pro is only 16-5/8” in diameter.) SVS initially made its name by introducing powerful subwoofers that resemble cylinders.

Install at least one (or more) in your living room to find out the reasons why these subs continue to delight audiophiles as well as Home Theater enthusiasts as well. The PC-2000 Pro’s back-panel touch controls allow you to change settings quickly. The deep, strong, precise bass for music and movies. Its 12-” aluminum cone woofer and the high-current amplifier 550-watt creates subterranean low frequency as low as 16 Hz! The unique design of the amplifier combines the efficacy of switching power of a Class D supply with the high-current capability of MOSFET output that is fully discrete devices.

You’ll hear a rumbling sound and crushing impacts in film soundtracks, as well as thumping bass in your favorite music. The PC-2000 Pro’s huge 4″ port allows its long-throw 12″ driver to truly breath, producing high-output levels at extremely low frequency. This is the brawn. Its “brains” are provided with a high-end 50 MHz Analogue devices Audio DSP, which is among the most sophisticated digital processors that you can find in subwoofers. It continuously monitors and ensures the highest quality of sound through sophisticated room tuning, optimal frequencies, advanced DSP control, and much more.

Simple control via the sub or on your phone. This PC-2000 Pro is designed for easy setup and integration into multichannel home Theaters as well as two-channel systems. The back panel houses an SVS Intelligent Control Interface, which utilizes touch buttons as well as an LED bar that makes changes to DSP settings as well as other audio adjustments simple. The best method to manage this sub is to use SVS’s no-cost app for smartphones.

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The best 12-inch Subwoofer for Home Theater list is updated and you can select anyone from the above list. All the best subwoofers are checked and tested by our audio system engineers. So go through each and everyone and makes your valuable decision before buying.