5.25 Speakers For Cars You Can Buy in 2022.

When you tune your car radio to the station you love or listen to your favorite music in the car stereo, you’re expecting to hear the best audio quality. However, factory speakers often disappoint. They don’t always provide the highest quality audio quality. The standard car speakers are not what you’d want particularly when you’re an audiophile.

The best solution is to replace them with brand new off-the-shelf 5.25 speakers. These aftermarket speakers can replace the factory models that don’t provide the sound you expect. They enhance the sound quality as well as performance. Furthermore, 5.25 speakers are a great size, as they will comfortably fit into the majority of automobiles, even when space is not as abundant.

However, how do you select the most effective 5.25 automobile speakers? There are many models available these days and it can be very difficult to choose. But, don’t be concerned about that because we’ve put together this buying guide and review to assist you in your search for the perfect 5.25-inch car speaker.


How We wrote this Review

There are numerous 5.25 speakers available. The most recent models come with amazing features and are constructed using the latest audio technology. This makes it difficult to decide on the most appropriate choice. While the choices are overwhelming, there are some distinct aspects to consider to ensure you get the most effective choice. This is why we’ve written this review to help to make an educated decision.

The review was written by comparing various speakers. We then selected the best seven 5.25 speakers. We gathered data from various brands to evaluate the specifications and specifications that the speaker. Additionally, we tried the speakers we selected in local audio stores so that you provide a unique experience of the capabilities each speaker can do.

Additionally, we spoke with real people about their experiences of the selected speakers. We were able to collect additional information through an online survey where actual users offered their feedback and views. After accumulating all the data and analyzing it we were able to select the top seven speakers. So, you can be assured that you’ll pick among the most reliable speakers available on the market.


The Top 7 5.25 Speakers

While these speakers are among the top of the line but they are not all equal. Find out the most suitable choice to meet your needs, by looking at the pros, features, and negatives of each. You can be sure that you’ll get a top speaker from these:


1. Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series

Polk Audio DB522 the DB+ Series 5.25″ Coaxial Speakers that have Marine Certification Black

High-performance audio upgrade that gives you the best sound quality…

A marine certified certification that has an IP55 rating (water- and…

Cones made of polypropylene and UV-tolerant with water-resistant…

This speaker is ranked among the top 5.25-inch car speakers on the basis of its distinctiveness and outstanding features. It’s also affordable, despite its premium quality. Polk Audio is known to make high-end speakers using the latest technology for sound. This is why we put this speaker as the highest of our list of reviews.

Benefits and Features

Surrounds that are waterproof:- The interior, as well as the exterior surrounds, are both waterproof. They block dirt and liquids from getting inside the components. This reduces the risk of corrosion, increasing the life of the audio system.

The universal fit:-The speaker is made to fit in almost any vehicle. It is easy to install regardless of the available space in your car.

Tweeter that is shallow:- The design that is shallow of the tweeter blocks protrusion. This means that you can install the grille that comes with the speaker to further protect it.

Ultraviolet-tolerant cone:- It is important to note that the cone used by the speaker is made from polypropylene. It is not degraded or faded due to its ability to withstand harmful UV radiation.

The marine-certified:-The best thing about this speaker is its IP55 rating. It’s protected from extreme elements and can withstand the effects of UV and humidity, and even saline conditions.


  • Includes non-corrosive grilles
  • The mounting hardware is provided
  • Waterproof enclosures
  • Universal fit for all automobiles
  • 2-way driver design
  • Full-range sound
  • Average price


  • It is only possible to fit round holes in the speaker.
  • Clear sound but not particularly loud.
  • Distorts at high volumes.


If you’re in search of clear, full-range, and rich audio The Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series is worth considering. Therefore, make sure to check it out prior to the time it is out of stock.


2. Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime

Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime 5.25-Inch Full Coaxial Speaker with Range 2 – Set of 2.

Vacuum polypropylene cone

Rubber surround

Silk dome flush mounted tweeter

Rockford is renowned for creating the finest automobile speakers. They have been in business for a long time. The company’s experience in the design of premium sound systems is evident through its R1525X2 Prime Speaker. Its dual-way driver technology is sure to deliver the type of sound you’re searching for. These are the highlights and omissions.

Benefits and Features:-

Heavy-duty surround This speaker’s surround is composed from tough rubber. It’s designed to provide a massive bass and ensure maximum stability.

Cones of polypropylene:- The cones are composed of polypropylene material. Polypropylene is strong and flexible in the same time, and isn’t prone to breaking easily.

Silk dome tweeters:- The most distinctive feature of this speaker is the flush-mounted tweeters. Silk dome tweeters provide clear highs.

Integral crossover:- The speaker is equipped with high-pass crossover. It makes sure that the correct frequencies are directed to the correct driver to ensure an even sound.

Includes mounting hardware:- A great thing regarding this model is the fact that it includes mounting hardware. The mounting hardware makes for simple and fast installation.


  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • Grills for protection are available.
  • Tweeter with flush mount.
  • 2-way driver systems.
  • Rubber surround.
  • Crossover integrated.
  • Very reasonable.


  • The Bass isn’t as high and loud.
  • There is a possibility of distortion if the gain is too high.
  • The glue that holds cones to wires loosens as it gets hot.


If you’re putting together an audio system for the very first time in your vehicle starting from scratch or upgrading a cheap factory speaker and you’re looking for a better option, consider the Rockford Fosgate r1525X2 Prime on your list of options.


3. Pioneer TS-A1370F A Series

Pioneer TS A1370F 5-1/4″ 300 Watts 3 Way Coaxial Car Speakers

5-1/4″ 3-Way car speakers (pair)

Carbon-and-mica-reinforced multilayer IMPP woofers featuring…

Can handle up to 50 watts per minute (300 250 watts maximum power)

Pioneer has been around for a long time today, has produced amazing audio equipment. The TS-1370F A Series speaker is specifically made to provide a stunning sound. The speaker was designed to give you the most powerful audio solution for a low cost. It’s a 3-way speaker, which means you can enjoy high mid, low, and high frequencies. Learn more about its pros, features, and pros.

Benefits and Features

3-way speaker system – The speaker has a three-way driver system. It can provide full-range sound with unbeatable clarity.

Reinforced woofer cone:- The cone for woofers is constructed of reinforced polypropylene. It results in enhanced strength as well as the resistance of weather components and remarkable response to low frequency.

Midrange cone:- The pioneering speaker has a fiber midrange cone. It will provide you with superb midrange frequencies, as well as music sound from guitars, drums as well as other musical instruments.

Dome-shaped tweeter:- The speaker has dome tweeters that are made of tough polyethylene. They provide precise high frequencies.

Grilles with streamlined lines:- You’ll certainly enjoy the two grilles that are streamlined that are included in this 3-way speaker. The grilles shield the cone from being damaged which can reduce its lifespan.


  • 3-way driver.
  • Fiber cone midrange.
  • Mounting screws are included.
  • Cone reinforced construction.
  • Earbuds for free.
  • Very economical.


  • Vocals can be a little unclear as the volume is set to high.
  • The sound that buzzes in the event that volume loud.
  • The highs can be harsher at higher volumes.


If you’re in search of an audio system that can offer full-range sound at a price that is affordable If so, you might be interested in the Pioneer TS-A1370F Series speaker.


4. JL Audio C2-525x

Pair of New New Jl Audio C2-525X 5 1/4″ 2-way Speakers featuring Silk Dome Tweeters

  • killer bass
  • silky smooth highs
  • Loud and clear mid-range
  • This JL speaker is built to deliver amazing audio quality. JL created this speaker to give great value for the money. It is efficient, particularly when it comes to mid-range as well as low-frequency. It is unique because it has a smooth and consistent response. The following are the reasons we chose to include JL as a JL speaker for our review.

Benefits and Features

Silk dome tweeter:- The speaker has silk dome tweeters to provide silky highs. Silk is a great material to make tweeter diaphragms due to its lightweight and good in damping.

Cones with a mineral-filled fillings:-A major feature that this speaker has is the mineral-filled polypropylene cones. They are extremely distorted and resistant to weather elements.

Neodymium magnets for tweeters:-  The tweeter magnets on this model are composed of Neodymium. This magnet material is extremely powerful. power yet is still smaller in dimensions.

Rubber surround made of butyl:- A further feature of the speaker is its surround that is made of butyl. It is extremely durable and won’t easily break.

Ferrite Woofer magnet:-  The woofer magnet on this speaker is made from a ferrite material. Ferrite magnets have excellent magnetization, even at extremely high temperatures.


  • Silk dome tweeter.
  • Response to the full range of frequencies.
  • Includes grills.
  • Built-in crossover.
  • Two-way driver technology.


  • Price ranges that are higher.
  • The bass is good, but it isn’t deep enough to cause rattles.


It’s JL Audio C2-525x speaker sounds amazing considering its size. The highs are crystal clear and the bass is adequate. Even though it’s on the more expensive side the JL speaker is certainly worth the price.


5. Infinity REF-5022cfx

INFINITY REF-5022cfx 135W 5-1/4″ Reference Series Car Stereos that have Textured, Edge-Driven tweeters Pair

  • 135 watts Max for each, 90 watts RMS for each
  • Edge-driven, textile tweeters
  • Plus OneTM cone for woofers
  • The Infinity speaker was designed to give you the sound that you’ve missed in your vehicle. The speaker is dual-directional, which means you’ll never miss out on the highs, mids, and lows. The speaker is made up of two tweeters and woofers, all for a reasonable cost. The following are reasons why this speaker is worthy of considering.

Benefits and Features

Tweeters made of textile:- The tweeters included with this speaker are constructed of textile material. This material provides clarity and clear audio.

The tough surround of the woofer:-  Its surround is constructed of high-roll rubber. It is extremely durable and offers outstanding performance.

A large cone of woofer:- It’s worth noting the fact that this Infinity speaker has an enormous cone for the woofer. It has a great sound quality and sound.

The basket is a great design:- This speaker’s basket has been made to fit into the majority of standard speaker holes. This makes it easy and fast for installation.

The adhesive foam strip:- The unique feature of this model is the fact that it has foam strips with adhesive. The foam strips provide the creation of a secure seal and provide cushioning capabilities to improve the audio quality.


  • A foam-mounted strip is supplied.
  • Edge-driven tweeters.
  • It comes as a pair of speakers.
  • Frame size optimized.
  • A large speaker cone.
  • Average price band.


  • It doesn’t include mounting screws.
  • The highs are a little too loud and dominate the bass.
  • A little raunchy at higher volumes.


Overall In general, the Infinity REF-5022cfx provides decent sound quality and is an ideal replacement for the dull-sounding standard speakers. So, think about this model when you are looking for a replacement speaker.


6. Kenwood KFC-1395PS 5-1/4″

Kenwood KFC-1395PS 5-1/4″ Three-way Rounds Pair

  • Peak Power: 325W
  • Rated Input Power 40W Impedance, 4 Ohms
  • Woofers features: 5-1/4″ inches Cone made of paper Cone
  • The Kenwood KFC-1395PS speaker was specifically designed to provide more sound than typical speakers. It has a three-way driver system that ensures you hear all frequency ranges. The speaker is designed using the most advanced sound technology to provide you with the highest quality sound. The features and benefits of this speaker made it into our list of top speakers.

Benefits and Features

Speaker cone that is water-resistant:- The most notable feature that is unique to the Kenwood Speaker model is the water-resistant cone speaker. It is resistant to water damage, which makes it perfect for humid environments.

The pattern of the Radial Rib Cone:-  The speaker cone is based on its radial-rib cone technology. The cone’s technology helps it be more responsive to low frequencies.

Surround made of rubber:- Another important aspect and benefit for this model is the surround made of rubber. It is extremely durable and will ensure longevity for the surround.

Super and tweeter:- The speaker has a paper-based tweeter as well as another super tweeter made of ceramic. Two different tweeter designs provide the highest-quality highs.

3-way driver:- What’s more convenient than having a three-way speaker system for your car? With the 3-way system, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of audio.


  • Water-resistant cones.
  • Rubber surround.
  • Harmonizer for Acoustic Sound.
  • Mix paper and ceramic super tweeter.
  • It comes with mounting hardware
  • Includes grills


  • They can distort slightly at high volumes.
  • The speaker’s connector cable feels a bit fragile.
  • Bass is decent, but not overpowering.


The speaker is able to withstand traffic and engine noise. So, if you’re looking for a replacement speaker that sounds excellent at a price that is affordable it is recommended to be sure to keep this model Kenwood KFC-1395PS in your mind when purchasing.


7. Kicker 43DSC504

2 Kicker 43DSC504 D Series 5.25″ 200W 2 Way 4-Ohm Car Audio Speakers

200 Watts Max Per Person 50 Watts RMS Per

Rigid polypropylene cone material

Polyester foam speaker surround


If you’re fed up with the speakers that came with your car or have gone out of the park and you’re thinking about what to do next you should consider the Kicker 43DSC504 is the ideal replacement. It boasts amazing sound for a reasonable price. You’ll want to know the reason this speaker was included on our list of. Find out the important features and advantages as well as its successes and missed opportunities.

Benefits and Features

The cone is made from polypropylene:- One of the most appealing attributes of this speaker is the polypropylene cone. The cone material is strong to ensure long-lasting durability.

Surround made from polyester:-  This speaker’s surround is composed of foam made from polyester. The material is durable and durable, which makes the surround last for a long time.

Zero protrusion Tweeter:- Another amazing aspect of this speaker is its tweeter that is zero protrusion. The design of the tweeter helps the speaker to fit into the majority of automobiles.

PEI dome tweeter:- The tweeter uses PEI dome-shaped tweeter technologies. You’ll be able to enjoy crisp highs with this technology for tweeters.

Two-way model:- The speaker has a dual-channel system. So, you’ll be able to experience a dynamic sound when you use this model.


  • The thin profile.
  • Acoustic Foam Surround.
  • The mounting hardware is provided
  • Includes grills.
  • Very reasonable.


  • It’s good, however, it is not the best option for bass-heavy.
  • Treble overshadows mid.
  • You might need to drill holes to allow the holes to be made to fit.


Overall Overall, this Kicker 43DSC504 2-way speaker is amazing and the price is very reasonable. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase them and enjoy the clear, crisp audio.


Things to Consider Prior to buying the top 5.25 Speakers

There are many 5.25 speaker models to pick among, no models are created alike. Certain models sound more effective than other models. So what makes 5.25 speakers sound superior to others? Certain features help certain speakers stand out from the rest.

So, when looking for a 5.25-inch alternative speaker that fits your car It is important to understand what features to look for. Just read this article to find out the things to consider prior to buying the most suitable 5.25 speakers.

Power Handling

It is crucial to think about the amount of power the speaker is able to handle safely. You’ll need speakers that sound fantastic. Therefore, it is important to look at speakers that are able to manage any power source in your vehicle amp or stereo. If you buy a device that isn’t capable of handling the power of your amplifier and stereo, it’s likely to cause distortion or even blow up quickly.

If you’re using your car stereo from the factory make sure the speaker you purchase is powered by the head unit that came with it to ensure you don’t get poor, low-quality sound. If you’ll be replacing the head unit from the factory along with the factory speakers purchase replacement speakers which can handle the power of the new head unit.

Quality of Build

Different speakers manufacturers make 5.25-inch speakers that are made of various materials. If you’re looking for a durable speaker, you should select a model constructed of sturdy materials. The cone, the magnet, surround basket, as well as other parts of the speaker, must be made from durable materials. Additionally, the construction quality of the whole speaker should be top-quality to last for a long time.

Design of the Speaker Driver and Frequency Band

Most speakers come in 2-way, single, or even 3-way designs. The type of driver you choose will depend on the type of sound you wish to hear. For instance, if your goal is only one frequency range then you could opt for one driver speaker. If you are looking for more vibrant sound, then choose a 2-way speaker. A 3-way speaker gives you the most powerful sound and will allow you to experience wide-ranging sound.

Be sure to consider your speaker’s frequency band. If you’re looking for full-range sound, look for a speaker capable of delivering all frequencies, which includes high, mid, and high. A speaker like this should have a broad frequency range.

If you’re looking for more lows, think about a speaker that has a low-frequency range. If you are looking for more highs you should consider an amplifier with a high-frequency range. Therefore, your selection is based on the nature of the sound quality you’d like to experience.

Installation Ease

You’ll want to opt for speakers that will be simple to put in. It isn’t a good idea to have to wrestle in creating new speaker holes. So, you should think about a basket design that fits inside the speaker hole you already have.

If you do have to alter the hole for mounting to allow for screws to be inserted it will be much easier to drill an entirely new hole in the speaker. Consider the speaker with the necessary installation equipment to make it simpler and faster to put in when you are doing replacing it.

Price Band

Although price shouldn’t be the sole deciding aspect of the speaker you purchase, you must think about your budget. It’s possible that you won’t get the highest quality speaker at a reasonable price but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be charged too much.

Just make sure the product you’re purchasing is worth the cost. Be sure to not compromise quality for the price, as your goal is to purchase the top-quality 5.25 speaker.

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In conclusion

As you’ve seen, there are many 5.25 automobile speakers to pick from. They’re perfect for replacing the boring, old-fashioned speakers. But, each model is distinct in its own manner. Every speaker has its own advantages as well as its fair share of flaws.

The final decision is based on what kind of sound quality you desire. So, make use of this guide to buying and review to help you in your search for the most effective 5.25 speakers.

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