12 of the Best 12 inch Subwoofer For Home Theatre 2022

The best 12 inch subwoofer to install in your home theatre can be complicated due to the sheer number of subwoofers that are available. If you are looking to purchase 12 inches (ca. 30 cm) of the subwoofer for your home audio system and home theatre, we’ve put together the most comprehensive list of the top subwoofers. The more you know about these subwoofers, the more simple for you to decide.

A quality subwoofer is vital to home audio, as it will cover low frequencies and provide strong audio. The 12” dimension is ideal for subwoofers.

Lets see the list of 12 inch Subwoofers

  • Top 10 Picks of Top 12-inch Subwoofers for Home Theatre
  • Klipsch R-120SW 12″Home Theatre Subwoofer
  • BIC America F12 12-Inch Subwoofer Powered
  • Polk Audio PSW505 12” Powered Subwoofer
  • Klipsch 12” Wireless Subwoofer
  • Acoustic Audio PSW-12, 12 Inch Powered Speaker
  • Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer
  • Polk Audio HTS 12 Powered Subwoofer 12-inches
  • MartinLogan Dynamo 1100 12 inches powered subwoofer
  • Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer Home Theatre
  • Acoustic Audio PSW500-12 home theatre powered 12″LFE Subwoofer
  • KEF KEF 12b Premium subwoofer for home theatre
  • 12″ MTX Vented powered subwoofer

Review of 12″Home Theatre Subwoofers

A brief overview of subwoofers can help you make the right choice. You can easily find one that meets your requirements and is within your budget. Each of these subs from similar brands and brands comes with distinct features, powers, and pricing ranges.

1. Klipsch R-120SW 12″‘ Home Subwoofer for Theatre

To transform your home’s audio system into a cinema, the subwoofer will assist you in this process. Our top pick and popularity with bass enthusiasts is the Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer. The bass generated by this sub is sure to rock your entire room. You’ll be able to enjoy films and music when you are at the cinema. The ability of this sub to create very low-frequency audio produces a cinema-like sound. The design and build quality of this sub is amazing. You can see in the photo, it is a simple design of the R-120SW Subwoofer. The cabinet is made of reinforced MDF that won’t expand up and won’t end in a short time. The majority of cabinets are constructed with inferior particles that expand when exposed to moisture and eventually result in. There is no issue with the cabinets.

The cabinet has four corners on the cabinet. They are fitted with a low-profile magnetic grille. The cabinet is extremely heavy because of the reinforced MDF employed in its construction.

Like other cabinets, which make the sound worse when the volume is increased to the volume, this cabinet doesn’t.

The maximum strength of the unit is 400 watts. The RMS is 200 Watts. The frequency range ranges from 29-120 Hz. The port at the back of the cabinet aids in the quick transmission of air and gives you a clear and crisp sound.

The amplifier is built-in inside this sub for the energy. Low-pass crossover and phase control make the sound more. The LED indicator lets you know that the sub is either in operation or not.

All of these control and line-in ports are located in the back of the cabinet.

At this price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a subwoofer that can surpass its performance. It has a crisp sound and powerful bass that shakes all in front of you.

It can handle all low-frequency signals, creating a cinema-like experience. There is absolutely no distortion.


2. BIC America F12 12-Inch Subwoofer Powered

If you’re looking for a top-quality subwoofer for a reasonable price, the BIC America F12 might be the perfect choice for you. There are cheaper models, they do not have this stunning design and top-of-the-line performance. It has an amplifier with a maximum power of 475 watts and an RMS power of 150 Watts. This is the perfect power to install this subwoofer in your home theatre. With a large capacity and size to handle low and mid-frequencies, this subwoofer produces an excellent sound with no distortion. It can be connected to the stereo or speaker. Since many subs that aren’t well-made degrade the sound quality either at extremely low or very high volumes, this one isn’t. Clear sound at any volume and level is guaranteed.

Everyone who loves music first hears the bass, and you are sure to impress with its rich, powerful, and tight bass. It’ll cause everything around you to shake. The problem with the grille’s construction is the fact that it vibrates in high volumes.

If we talk about the cost, the sub will charge users for the features it comes with. Nothing will be wasted if you purchase this sub.

The subwoofer comes with a long-lasting construction, the top-of-the-line performance, it comes with a 5-year warranty. You’ll be extremely satisfied with it.

3. Polk Audio PSW505 12” Powered Subwoofer

The most adored model of Polk Audio is PSW505, which has a low price and is the preferred model of home audio enthusiasts. Due to its powerful output, it can produce a high-quality sound. Its features, price with high power, and loud sound make it an excellent subwoofer for your home theatre for anyone who enjoys watching films and music to great pleasure in the comfort of their home or at an at club. The cabinet is constructed using MDF, which is flawless and durable. It will not expand even when exposed to moisture, for whatever reason. The front grill isn’t particularly durable and can cause some issues.

If you play music with a high volume, it can cause some distortion in low frequencies. This is evident when you play music, however not while watching movies. It’s a minor issue, but it’s not a major issue.

The bass in this sub is incredible. The bass lovers will surely appreciate the bass that shakes the ground that this bass sub. It will add to the excitement, especially when watching films.

The frequency response ranges from 28 Hz to 125Hz and is covered by a 5-year warranty. For the price, it has excellent features.

4. Klipsch 12” Wireless Subwoofer

If you are looking to purchase the top subwoofers for your home, the most sought-after and well-loved manufacturer is Klipsch. Klipsch offers a wide range of subwoofers with great features with different price points. We included three 12-inch subwoofers from Klipsch within this evaluation. This is due to their top-of-the-line quality and performance, which makes Klipsch the most reliable subwoofer manufacturer. They don’t take an arm and leg out of your budget and offer you better than you expected in terms of quality and sound. You’ll enjoy crystal clear sharp sound, crystal clear and deep bass, with complete control for low-frequency. Even in an expansive space and have other subs from Klipsch provide the impression of like you’re watching a film or listening to music at the cinema.

It is equipped with a top-quality, grille that can be removed, and the sub is beautiful regardless of the grille. It is easy to clean when it gets dirty.

This is a wireless bass unit and can be placed in any space in your home. You won’t have to connect cords everywhere, and it can be connected quickly using the 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter.

The cabinet is constructed from MDF and features a LED indicator. Klipsch R-12SWi subwoofer comes with an All-Digital amplifier that provides powerful power that is efficient and true-to-source precision for the best sound quality.

The price isn’t expensive, and it’s among the top subs from Klipsch that come with top audio quality.

5. Acoustic Audio PSW-12 12 Inch Powered Speaker

The cheapest, yet best subwoofer to consider is Acoustic Audio’s PSW-12. Many people wish to have a high-quality sound system for their home theater but aren’t able to afford the budget. This is the perfect sub-sizer that can solve the issue. with the power to peak at 500W, this sub can produce incredible sound and bass for the price bracket. There’s not a better sub at this low cost that can deliver the same quality of sound. If you have the price, then purchase a premium subwoofer that will be superior. At this cost this one is the perfect choice for you. It is a great product but there aren’t any major cons.

With an RCA cable, you can connect it to your stereo system at home. Dual 6-foot RCA cable, as well as an “Y-Adapter”, are included within the packaging.

The cabinet is constructed of MDF and features an auto-on/off function. The frequency response is 24-250Hz and 40-140 Hz Control knobs for crossover.

The only drawback of this particular subwoofer is that it will not do well in the space to fill. However, in smaller spaces, it is capable of delivering loud, clear audio and powerful bass. Sometimes, we must sacrifice a few things for cheap prices.

6. Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer

If you have the budget to purchase a home theatre subwoofer, this model can deliver great sound for a reasonable price. It’s always included when putting together a list of the best 12 subwoofers for home use. Like other models from Klipsch, the model has a gorgeous design and top-quality performance. The audio quality is well-managed, and you don’t have to change the settings every time you switch the music, which is quite distinct from the previous model.

Whether you’re watching a film or even listening to your favorite music, it will have crisp and clear without any distortion, even with low frequencies.

The cabinet is constructed of MDF and is brushed with black polymer. It has an amplifier with all digital technology that provides 600 watts of power, which produces powerful sound.

If you’re looking to make an internet connection using this particular subwoofer, Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit will allow this.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose this model that has numerous features, and your budget will be well-used. The booming bass lets everyone around you know that you have an impressive audio system in your home. It delivers a bass that everyone appreciates.

7. Polk Audio HTS 12 Powered Subwoofer 12-inches

Another sub is that comes from Polk Audio that you can buy if you are looking to create a robust audio system for your living room. Based on its appearance and sound, it’s a perfect choice and is the most powerful subwoofer of this particular brand. If you’re living in a small or medium-sized space, this model will provide powerful bass and clear, sharp sound. The built-in amplifier that has 200 watts of RMS power and 400 watts of maximum power will be able to enhance your film and music enjoyment. Certain subs have this feature when they are able to play music, and then exhibit a an uninteresting performance with movies. You can play films and listen to songs at any quality and with the desired bass.

The controls are all located on the back, and the frequency response ranges from the range of 22 to 180Hz. Low-Pass Filter only works using RCA input. It can be set between 40 and 160 Hz. The phase control lets you alter the bass range between 0 and 180 degrees.

The auto-on/off feature helps save energy by shutting off when there isn’t an audio signal, and then turning it off when signals for audio are detected.

It comes with DC input as well as a variety of other features. It is priced at a moderate price and includes options for the money. It is available for a medium or small room, and you’ll enjoy watching this in the home theatre.

8. MartinLogan Dynamo 1100 X 12 inches Subwoofer Powered

If you’re looking for an expensive but powerful subwoofer to bring a new design to your theatre in the home, the MartinLogan Dynamo 1100X is one of the best 12-inch subwoofers to use in the home audio. Very few people purchase such a high-end sub, however, it’s a top-quality sub. Fantastic audio high-quality that is sure to make family and family members be jealous. You can change the volume and other settings by using the app for Android and IOS which is the only feature unique to this sub in comparison to the other 12-inch subs in this list.

The sub has an integrated amplifier that is rated at 700 watts of RMS power and 1300 watts of peak power. This is the top power handling capability of all the subs on our selection.

This kind of power will give you the ability to think about and create a sound that is more than you could ever imagine.

The primary reason for this popularity comes from the thumping bass it generates, and you can listen to music or watch movies with a smooth, heartbeat-like bass.

Out of the three listening modes of film, music and night, you are able to choose the best one you prefer. This feature only works from the application.

It also features an auto-off/on the switch as well as a frequency response from 22 to 200 Hz + -3dB.

The mass of Martin Logan Dynamo 1100X weighs approximately 46 pounds. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

There are many more benefits you can get out of this speaker. Even though the cost is expensive, however, it’s worth it. It is a must to purchase this home theatre if you are able to pay for it.

9. Klipsch Subwoofer R-12SW Home Theater

This model from Klipsch is less expensive than other models reviewed, and there is no compromise in quality, even though the price is a bit high. It comes with features that are similar that were discussed in the previous models. The All-Digital amplifier built into the unit delivers 400 watts of power. This is about enough power to run the sub, and it may not require any external amplifiers installed.

The cabinet is made from MDF and has a frequency response from 29 to 120 Hz.

12-inch copper-spun front-firing woofer with a 400-watt amplifier gives the best bass and sound.

Both appearance and toughness are great to enhance the decoration of the home theatre.

The grille made of cloth looks stunning and is able to be removed. The sub appears gorgeous even without grille due to the beautiful golden appearance of the sub.

There’s a low-pass crossover to regulate the lower frequencies, while the phase control allows you to adjust the bass to suit your needs.

It is possible to connect this sub regardless of whether you own an old receiver or one that is new, due to its LFE and Line inputs.

The disadvantages of this model are the green light that can be irritating at night, and it has a lagging performance when it comes to music when compared with other models of the brand we mentioned earlier. But, it’s ideal for watching movies.

10. Acoustic Audio PSW500-12 home theater Power 12″LFE Subwoofer

A quality subwoofer that works well can be a little difficult to locate at a reasonable cost. But, if we discover it has a number of issues, like low-quality sound or bass. Certain models are not able to work when listening to music, even at low volumes. This subwoofer measures 12 inches and comes, but it has one flaw: distortion at high volumes. If your main goal is to listen to music at a high volume, this unit isn’t for you. The majority of people do not listen to full volume, and this is the perfect one for those looking for a bargain cost.

You can watch films as well as listen to songs regardless of whether your space is large, this device is well. The audio and bass sound is incredible at this price point.

The sub comes with 12 inches of front Firing’s long-throw woofer that has 500 watts of peak power and an amplitude range of 24-250 Hz.

The cabinet is made from MDF and is equipped with feet to absorb the vibrations. The transparent grille can be removed.

In the end, for those who are looking for subwoofers that are cheap at 12 inches, it’s a great choice. Even though we need to make a choice between one or another in low-cost subwoofers, this one is an absolute winner. If you are looking for a top-quality sub with more features, you’ll need to spend more for it.

The most costly subwoofers to be used in home theatres is the KEF KUBE 12b, which has features that you’ll want to consider the highest quality sub. The KEF KUBE 12b is constructed from the ground up with the consideration of the preferences of its users. It’s one of the top and most recent models from this brand. Since the majority of audiophiles a

11. KEF KUBE 12b Premium 12 Audio Home Subwoofer

re a fan of bass, it is their top priority when they are looking for subwoofers. Yes, it’s essential to have an incredible experience, which is the reason KEF KUBE uses Intelligent Bass Extension (IBX) algorithm to deliver the sound you desire for this price.

The built-in 300-watt amplifier gives you the power you need. Three different DSP modes let you adjust better to suit your location of the room.

The design is gorgeous and features RCA and speakers level inputs on the back. The frequency response range is 22-140 Hz.

It is the perfect subwoofer to be used in an excellent home audio system. It could be an appealing sub if it came with an option for wireless, as it’s a premium sub. It is nevertheless is worth the price without negatives that could be considered a deal-breaker. You should give it to see if it is within yours money.

12. 12″ MTX Vented powered subwoofer

A great subwoofer for an affordable price. The MTX TSW12 is one of the most powerful 12” subwoofers, and it’s a good choice for home audio. For those who love bass, this is a perfect choice. The bass that shakes the ground will disturb you all around you, and everything will shake around you when it is near the maximum level. Contrary to other subs, it does not create distortion when played at high volumes, and then it has a clear, soft bass at all levels.

The best thing about this sub is that you can connect it via wires or wirelessly via Bluetooth. It is now a mandatory feature for contemporary subs. Therefore, the accessibility for wireless connections is amazing.

The built-in amplifier is capable of delivering 150 watts RMS, which is adequate. It can function without any external power source.

It could also be a great option for the price of a budget. If you like the bass and style of this feature, then you should consider buying it.

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Final Verdict

We did our best to identify and evaluate the top 12” subwoofers to fit in your home theatre. Our review shows that we have twelve subwoofers in the top 12 which are ideal for your home audio system and come with various price points.

The best subwoofers will always cost you a lot, but some subwoofers that are cheap can perform well. Which one you choose will depend on your budget as well as the kind of sound you’re looking for from the subwoofer.

It’s now the time to carefully read then make a choice and purchase the product prior to it disappearing. Our top pick is the top choice on our list below.

How do you select the best subwoofer of 12 inches for your home theatre?

When you are looking to purchase a subwoofer for your home theatre there are plenty of considerations to keep in mind when you desire to purchase the top one, whether for a cheap or high cost.

Here are some suggestions that can help you think more effectively about the sub.

Wireless or Wired Sub

It’s one of the major issues, and you might be thinking in the wrong direction about it. You might think that wireless subwoofers are superior to wired. However, we believe wired subwoofers are ideal for your home theatre if you require a clear, crisp sound and crisp bass.

Wireless subs can be simple to install, they can make the audio quality sound dull. Some subs offer excellent quality, but wires are the most effective method to get a high-quality sound.

Most top subwoofers offer wireless and wired options, which is a good thing since it is possible to use wire in the event that there is a quality loss with wireless.

The number of subwoofers

A single subwoofer is usually sufficient to provide decent bass and enhance the sound quality. Some individuals want bass and would like to have more than four subwoofers.

It is recommended to buy one subwoofer that has the best bass instead of buying several subwoofers, as it can cause distortion. If there’s only one subwoofer that is tuned, it will be more powerful.

Subwoofer Positioning within Home Theatre

The placement of the sub is important because it can affect the sound quality. The most effective way to position the sub is close to other speakers because it will deliver a stunning sound. A front-firing subwoofer is ideal to put it in proximity to other speakers.

If you intend to place the sub in an edge or in the corner of your room, you must purchase a subwoofer that is down-firing.

Amplifier with built-in power

Each sub comes with built-in amplifiers which supply power to the sub. The power level varies from sub to the next. The power level you require will depend on the size of your living space.

A high-power amplifier indicates that it produces a loud sound. Built-in amplifiers work well for sub. However, you can add external power to improve the performance.

It is recommended to purchase an amplifier with a higher power rating if you have a huge space for your home theatre. Most of our models work well in small and medium-sized rooms.

This is all you needed to be aware of about the top subwoofers for home theatre that measure 12 inches.

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